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Guild Message of the Day - January 25th
Welcome to Malice

Malice News

By: Danjal - May 6th

Nefarian is no more! Dark Phoenix mounts for all :D 01.05.11

...where are the pics?!

  • Amorri: Stew has em :p
By: Amorri - March 28th

Al'akir is down! and in true Malice style, last try of the night ftw. Gj all :)


By: Amorri - March 15th

Cho'gall defeated! Now that Malice is done with BoT on normal mode, we can start getting our shiny shoulders :)

By: Amorri - February 15th

Ascendant Council just got f'd in the a! Good job everyone, and you all managed to line up properly. :O

By: Reinforce - February 8th

Well that wasn't as hard as we thought, good job all :)

By: Reinforce - February 5th

Atramedes is deeeaaad :p

By: Reinforce - February 5th

Theralion and Valiona (late update is late)

By: Reinforce - January 23rd

Maloriak bites the dust!

By: Reinforce - January 23rd

U mad Halfus?

By: Reinforce - January 23rd

The death of Magmaw

New site, old pic :)

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